29 x 70 minutes

In late 1950s Madrid, the golden age of haute couture, there is one clothing emporium where everyone would like to go shopping at least once in their lifetime, the Galerias Velvet. An Art Deco palace, a magical place of dazzling luxury and glamour. But whether admiring the storefront windows or venturing inside to buy a bit of a dream, what the ladies and gentlemen of Madrid do not see is a tender love story unfolding in the Galerias between Ana and Alberto. She, a humble dressmaker; he, the owner's son, poised to take over the family business. Among elegant fabrics and haute-couture dresses, Ana and Alberto yield to their love, knowing full well that Alberto's family opposes his relationship with a poor young employee.

But the 1960s are approaching, and even Spain's rigid mores and social conventions are changing: women no longer dream of unaffordable clothes, but demand quality apparel for themselves. They no longer stand on the sidelines when haute couture gives way to prêt-à-porter; they're in the front row of a development that no longer sees the wealthy as its prime clientele – and thus threatens the existence of the Galerias Velvet.

Intrigues abound as Alberto and his stepmother Doña Gloria clash over Alberto's plans to modernize the store's concept, and over the role that Doña Gloria wants her daughter Patricia to play. As the family conflicts simmer, the star-crossed lovers Alberto and Ana fight for their destiny and pursue their forbidden love. While Alberto rebels against the expectations made of him, Ana, who longs to become a designer, struggles to assert herself as a creative personality. And both must defy the antiquated conventions of an encrusted society.

There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place.

J.K. Rowling